Blog: February 2018
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February is the month of love. This love doesn’t just have to be towards a partner, significant other, or spouse. This can be a time to find out how you can love the project you are working on, love your job, love your client, even love your coworkers. If January was a time to set goals, then February may just be the time to take out that bow and arrow and aim directly for your target.


What is keeping you from loving it? Define the specific function and find avenues to best accomplish them. Can you outsource it? Can you ask a fellow coworker to assist? Do you need more training? Can you go to your members and place a “call for help?” Perhaps go to your manager or mentor and let them know you are struggling with a piece of the puzzle. Ask how they can support you to achieve your goals.

Your Job:

How do I love my job, let me count the ways? Make a list of all the positive aspects of your job. There are probably more than you realize. Evaluate what is working and what would be better if it were changed. Make an appointment with your manager just to discuss you! You deserve it.

Your Client:

Having good communication and rapport with your client(s) will make all the difference. Find out how they best like to communicate. They may like weekly calls versus 100 emails throughout the week. Others may prefer the email threads for reference points rather than phone calls. Get to know your client(s) on a more personal level. Learn more about their professional background to establish commonalities. Face-to-face communication is an effective method to reach communication goals.


You see them every day. You probably spend more time with them than your family and friends. Make the time to have lunch with them. Ask your manager to have an “Un-meeting” just to get together with coworkers and talk about whatever comes up. Acknowledge their strengths. Remember that business etiquette is important and boundaries in the workplace are needed. Having said that, go ahead and work on getting to know your coworkers better. Use your personal skills for professional success.

Take the time this month to reflect on your job, projects, clients, and coworkers and realign your goals. You just may love the results!   

Karen Regan, CMP, MBA, is a Meeting Planner at McKenna Management, Inc., an association management company based in Westford, Massachusetts.